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"Thank you to an amazing tutor from the great OMEF tutoring program"

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

"Our tutor Jane is amazing! She is always patient and encouraging. She bends/kneels down to talk to kids at their eye level. She demonstrated how to get up from ice countless times. It is not always easy to improve skills and protect kids’ interest in a hobby at the same time but Jane did it. Jane even gave our daughter a book as a gift at the end of the program. Thank you Jane! Thank you OMEF for the opportunity for one-on-one tutoring. We look forward to more wonderful adventures ahead with your tutoring program! "

Would you like to enjoy our outstanding youth tutors’ services and creating an unforgettable learning journey for your kids? Or you are a talented student who thrives in coaching, sharing and guiding others as a leader? Then come and join our program!! We’d love to meet and hear your story! Register through HERE

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