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Recap of The Road To Entrepreneurial Success - Build Your Dream

On March 5th, Sunday at 2PM, Oak Medical Education Foundation (OMEF) hosted an inspiring and motivational seminar titled "The Road To Entrepreneurial Success - Build Your Dream" at Joshua Creek Arena in partnership with RBC and Oakville Community Table Tennis Association (OCTTA). The event featured keynote speaker Ali Ten Hove, an Olympic sailor, Michelle Wang, a 16-year-old table tennis champion and sports advocate, Larry Gong from RBC, who shared information about RBC's various programs for youth, such as RBC's Future Launch program and Scholarship program, and Melody Xu from OMEF, who gave the closing remarks.

Ali Ten Hove shared her personal journey to becoming a professional athlete and competing in the Olympic games, as well as the strategies she used to raise the funding she needed to achieve her dreams. One of the highlights of her speech was the advice to "invest in yourself so people will invest in you." Michelle Wang shared her own success story and her passion for promoting the sport of table tennis to others. Larry Gong from RBC shared valuable information about RBC's programs for youth.

During the Q&A session, Ali Ten Hove and Michelle Wang answered numerous questions from the audience. Attendees were particularly interested in learning more about how to turn their own dreams into reality, and how to overcome challenges and obstacles along the way.

In the closing remarks, Melody Xu from OMEF introduced the foundation's mandate and went through the various activities OMEF has organized in the past, highlighting their impact on the community and youth. The attendees were impressed by OMEF's commitment to empowering the next generation through education, mentorship, and community engagement. Melody also emphasized that OMEF will continue to work hard to bring more informative and inspired opportunities for the community and youth.

Overall, the seminar was a great success, with many attendees expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the valuable insights and advice shared by all speakers. OMEF is proud to have partnered with RBC and OCTTA to bring together such inspiring speakers at Joshua Creek Arena and to have provided a platform for youth and parents alike to learn, grow, and be inspired to reach their own goals.

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