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A testimonial to our OMEF tutoring program, from a happy mom

Updated: May 1, 2022

" We feel very lucky to be connected with Jane and have her teach our daughter Abby first ever skating lesson. Jane is very patient, gentle and loving with Abby. Our three year old learned to glide on ice, along with a few more tricks just within eight weeks. Abby enjoyed every lesson and always looked forward to the next one. It was definitely a memorable experience for us. We are very thankful to have found OMEF, a place to connect parents with tutors on individual needs. On top of everything, there is a charitable cause. Truly amazing.

-- Amber "

Would you like to enjoy our outstanding youth tutors’ services and creating an unforgettable learning journey for your kids? Or you are a talented student who thrives in coaching, sharing and guiding others as a leader? Then come and join our program!! We’d love to meet and hear your story! Register through HERE

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